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Estimated time of the next update: Around the beginning or middle of the 3nd week of September (I'll be on a conference trip abroad the whole 2nd week, I have no idea how much free time I'll get there).

Also have a progress bar up now as you can see, which informs you how much progress I made, as well as how much the production is stalling because I have more important things to do at the moment.
(counter updated frequently, depending on how fast I can progress with the page. So the number can actually be increased too, if something comes up meanwhile. If you don't see it change from one day to the next, that means I didn't have time to progress with the comic on that day.)

Heartstrings is also on tumblr!

You can also read the first two chapters in one flash file just by clicking through (similar to the tumblr solution, but more comfortable) here
in courtesy of :iconponyminus:

I'm no artist, no writer and neither is my native language English. So don't be surprised if the visuals are bad (all I do is trying to copy the show's style), the writing is bad and full of grammar mistakes. So I'm just a random person on the internet who wants to tell a tale, in my clumsy way.

My policy on favoriting stuff: If you favorite my stuff, I'll thank it by making more of it. This goes both ways, if I favorite your stuff, it means I like it, so please make more of it. ;)

Also, please note that my way to thank praises is trying to get the next page out sooner, so don't get offended by me not replying with a standard, copy-paste "thank you" to your kind comment, rest assured I read everything and I really appreciate them!

Well, instead of boring you all by listing my excuses and the causes of why I didn't have time for the comic in the last semester, I'll just say that the next (ch5p09) page will be ready very soon (I'm hoping to finish it within 2-14 hours, depending on if I decide to get some sleep in the meantime). (page is already out)

I'm still not free to fully focus on comic-making yet, but I'll try to make another page in the course of the next two weeks too. After that, we'll finish this chapter quite quickly, we'll finally get some answers. And some more questions. As usual.

For chapter 6, I'm planning on some minor changes that would make the making process faster, or at least more productive. Can't really go into details (because I still have to figure them out), we'll see how things work out. :3

What do you think BonBon's crime was? 

405 deviants said Illegal magic candy trafficking
163 deviants said Refusing to sing in public
112 deviants said Breaking the laws of physics (only Pinkie has a license for that)
83 deviants said Something else! ->[comment]
74 deviants said Casual, literal dining on foals
44 deviants said Stealing candy from the same baby on multiple occasions


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zRei Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Nice comic. The pacing feels a little awkward at times.. but the dialogue often makes up for that. I particularly enjoyed the scenes in which you experimented more with the perspective of the shots. I also appreciate that you don't have Lyra and BonBon around each other all the time in every comic. It helps the pacing and narrative a lot. I know you didn't ask for a critique or anything, but.. there you go. Good work, hope to see more.
anideterm3 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
I love your comic an interesting idea would be to see is DD shipping Octavia and Vinyl Scratch with their reactions (I assume Vinyl will go along with it while Octavia will blatantly try to deny the shipping).
TriteBristle Featured By Owner 1 day ago
DD has a policy on not interfering in ponies' love life (except in LyraBon on the yearly Hearths Warming group image), so she only watches from the sidelines.
OctaScratch will happen eventually, with a bit of drama. :3
westenpride Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wuv your Heartstrings comic /)^3^(\ 
AffinityPony Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
Sorry for that big wave of favs. ^^; I just discovered your Heartstrings comic and I love it! :happybounce:
rut31337 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014

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AuroraStar1 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man just read up on your Heartstings comic! Totally epic, I love all the backgrounds you're giving everypony. ^_^
SniperTeam4 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
Update! Everypony rejoice! More Heartstrings!
TriteBristle Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
The page itself will have to wait a bit though (~20 hours or so), but it will soon follow the next tumblr update. :3
cadencetheflamehaze Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Sorry. Don't read this if you don't believe in chain mail. I don't take risks.)
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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EStories Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know that we all will wait as long as we have to to see the next page :) No need to hurry; take your time to have like you like it! /)
TriteBristle Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
The last few weeks were quite hectic for me, but the comic will definitely resume very soon. :)
I'm trying to get the next page out before my next conference trip (in 3 days), though I'm not sure how much free time I'll get next week.

But if we get through that, I have some extra pages (in plans) that will most likely make some heads explode from the cuteness. Or the hilarity. Or at least make someone snicker a lil' bit. We'll see. ;)
marinus18 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
Maybe you should stop now with making predictions. I mean it's obvious that you don't know when they'll be finished.
TriteBristle Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
That's exactly what prediction means, trying to estimate something with uncertainty. I've been telling you that I never know exactly when the next pages will be finished for quite some time now. The timer stays for now.
Legionarily Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Do you have any other art pages, etc.? I love your art-style, and I'd like to see more of your work if possible.
TriteBristle Featured By Owner Edited Sep 1, 2014
I do have a non-pony dA account, but it's empty yet. I plan to upload non-pony related things there in the future, such as my next story with all its illustrations.
GhostWriterNext Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014
Have you taught about doing a patreon?
TriteBristle Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Yep, but not for horse business.
I'm planning to set one up after I'm done with this comic, and started my novel (a long, non-pony story made in a similar story-telling style that takes place in one of my own universes).
GhostWriterNext Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
You might want to do one for your current comic having a fanbase will help when you do a patreon for your original work. What is you novel going to be about by the way?
TriteBristle Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Nah, I try to avoid monetizing pony stuff, better be safe about it.

The novel will be a sci-fi adventure romantic action comedy with quite a bit of drama and occasional horror. So a clusterf*ck of genres (just like Heartstrings), with a slightly more serious tone than this comic (but plenty of room for humor). The relationship and character development will be in the focus most of the time, which is often done through drama and action.

As for the story, it will be about the life of a freelancer group trying to get by on an alternative future Earth.
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